Saturday, March 12, 2011

North Branch Library

Performed the show at North Branch Library. When I arrived, Sue Monroe was shoveling as it was a blustery snowy morning. Cortney greeted me as I entered the beautiful new library building.

I had a different band for today's show and they were wonderful! We had Robert Bell on guitar, Keith Bowles on bass and Tony Balluff on clarinet.

Afterwards we visited with folks. After packing up our gear and heading out, we decided to stop and get a bite to eat. After all, it was lunchtime! So we headed down the road and stopped at the Rustic Inn in Stacy, MN

We had a delicious lunch and were served by the best waitress: Her name is Rhonda!

After pie and coffee it was time to hit the road. When I get some photos from the show I will post them. TTFN

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