Monday, March 12, 2012

Belgrade Was Amazing

Unforgettable Belgrade!

There I was faced with the dilemma of half a voice due to illness and being face to face with an intimate, captive audience.  What's a singer to do?  At first I was not sure that I could accomplish the task.

Actually, it was a great challenge. Great, in that it forced me to use other communication skills to get across my message. I could not rely on my sound/tone/pitch to fully communicate the song.  It was as if the lyrics took the front seat, and I had to use my face and gestures more.... and I had to make sure, even though I could not always get the notes (Rick said I was limited to an Eb above middle C), I communicated with this audience.  I kept thinking about all the aging singers who may not still possess their vocal prowess yet put across their songs in a completely meaningful way.  And there I was, really communicating with this audience, in a completely vulnerable, authentic way.  And through it all, I feel I made a very strong connection with the fine folks of Belgrade who came out for the music and stories and got them with my small croaky voice.

Thank you Kathie Harris for doing such a great job at your library and in welcoming us,

and thanks to the fine folks of Belgrade who came out and graciously listened and gave me what I needed to get through the show! xoxo

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